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Welcome to Syracusa

Siracusa is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily south-east, a city with a great history behind it, and still admiring the beauty and the magnificence of its many UNESCO sites such as the island of Ortigia, historic center and jewel Of the city, the Greek Theater, where every year the world's most famous classical representations take place. A few minutes you can visit Noto, Baroque town ... the mountain towns of Palazzolo Acreide also UNESCO heritage and also with a great cuisine, Buscemi (Country Museum) and Buccheri. Further south you are lost among suggestive villages such as Marzamemi and lovely Natural Reserves such as Vendicari or Caverns ponds. The city has hosted illustrious figures such as the Caravaggio, which can be admired 'the burial of Saint Lucia' and gave birth to the greatest genius of all time 'Archimedes'. An almost obligatory stop for those coming to Sicily, to visit this fascinating city that still today offers surreal atmospheres and beautiful sunsets over the sea framed in a picture of myth and culture.

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