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What to do at least once in Syracuse!


- Visit the Cathedral in Ortigia, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, with the only existing temple of Athena transformed into a Baroque church, including the nearby underground Hypogeum and then go up and down the islet admiring the sea and the numerous monuments and support an aperitif at the marina admiring the sea and the yachts


- Breakfast at a Tunisi bar, with almond and brioche granita, or enjoy a tasty Sicilian cannolo or a Sicilian cassata


- Visit the park of Neapolis admiring the Greek theater and the ear of Dionysus


- Visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears, created to honor the Madonna for the miracles that took place in Syracuse for the tearing of her painting


- Take a walk admiring the sunset on the bike path that runs along the sea


- Go and dine at the Ristorante Jonico in via Arsenale, enjoying the local fish sitting on a table overlooking the sea and Ortgia!


- Take a bath visiting the many beaches of Syracuse, such as Arenella, Fontane Bianche or Caratois famous for its sand dunes, or the beach of San Lorenzo famous for its crystal clear blue sea, or explore the pristine beaches of the Vendicari Nature Reserve!


-Visit the city of Noto famous for the baroque and the small village of Marzamemi not far away famous for its seafood restaurants, including the Arab Courtyard which offers the best dining experience with tables directly on the sea!


-Visit Palazzolo Acreide, UNESCO City and famous for its meat restaurants including the Trattoria del Gallo and many pastry shops including the pastry Caprice famous for its sweets and Sicilian specialties


- Take a boat trip, admire the beautiful plemmirio reserve or participate in exciting fishing days, or go diving while admiring the spectacular underwater environment!


- If you have children we suggest you take them to see the Pupi museum in Ortigia, where the master puppeteers also make small shows


- Visit the reserve of cavagrande, even if challenging, you will be ecstatic by the ponds and waterfalls where you can swim in nature. For the most fearless there are also organized excursions to the tortorone lakes, near Noto, with clear, uncontaminated lakes.

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